Call for Papers

While not limiting the topics covered by submitted abstracts [link to the submission page for abstracts], suggested topics covered by papers in this winter school could be as follows:

Collaborative Geographic Information Systems for Disaster Management
Information Technology for Development
Geosensor networks
Flood Risk Modelling and Mapping
Building Resilience against Disasters
GIS Support to each of the four phases of the disaster cycle
GIS for Disaster Management
Understanding and Enhancing Resilience
Crisis action, Alerting people
Emerging Technology and Capability Need
Remote Sensing Technology in Disaster Management
Remote Sensing Approaches
Contribution of Spatial Data Infrastructures
E-Learning to support Disaster Management

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2017-04-27.

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Contact: Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Behr, HFT Stuttgart, Schellingstr. 24, Stuttgart, Germany